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Angels In Flight - Vision & Perception

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Dear Clients of Lisa Jayne Skender with pure heart of mind bring good intentions for this page. Here are some testimonials:

Cindy in Western Australia I have known Lisa, for a few years now. I have always found Lisa, to be a very caring & truthful, compassionate reader. Lisa has such great empathy & respect for all her clients. Lisa's readings are always truthful and accurate & precise. Confidentiality can always be trusted and is a high priority for Lisa. Lisa conducts herself & her readings in a very professional manner at all times, in a straight forward, honest, caring manner. Lisa conducts herself in a very professional manner at all times. I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa, & feel she is a very talented reader.

Geraldine in Western Australia I have been seeing, Lisa for the last few years. I've found her to be very honest and her predictions have been all true. She has predicted, in my case, things that others, haven't eg: my estranged husband's, mistresses, both she described to a tee, which gave me the confidence to leave him. She's a very bubbly and easy person to talk to and actually goes out of her way to help you, using other forms of healing, that I found others didn't.

Sandra in Western Australia I have known Lisa Jayne Skender in both a professional & personal capacity for approximately 5 years.During that time I have had a number of readings done by Lisa, and wish to confirm that she is highly accurate, and very professional & thorough in the way in which she conducts herself. I am more than happy therefore, to sign this declaration for Lisa

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Angels In Flight - Vision & Perception