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Angels In Flight - Vision & Perception

◎  Control Perception

If a medium is controlled, the spirit will draw closely into the aura by the power of his or her mind, in order to use the brain and mind of the medium, The controlling spirit can speak more freely in this way and can to a limited extent move the medium's body, limbs or head gestures, if necessary. An example could be when a spirit healer has control of his medium and is working on a patient.

In the case of mediums, they must tune in to the right wavelength on which a spirit operator is transmitting. Like a radio, reception will be according to the condition of the medium's set, so the medium, must make sure outside thoughts do not interfere with what is coming in from the sender. The subconscious mind of the medium is the actual receiver of the message which then translates into the medium's conscious mind and the message can be given to the recipient.


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Angels In Flight - Vision & Perception